lunes, 8 de noviembre de 2010

When I was a child my family used to call me "pollito"
because I used to get sick a lot,
I also played baseball in my parish's team.
I was a very restless child who used to brake all the windows of my house playing with a baseball, football or tennis ball.
When I was a child I played with my friends at school and with my cousins that are like brothers to me.

lunes, 1 de noviembre de 2010

High school for mi was one of the best phases of my life, It was great because I spent all the time with my best friends. The homeworks and schedules Were somehow tiresome but the moments lived Were funnier each day
In highschool I made really good friends that are like brothers to me and I know that they'll be for me at anytime I need them. When I was in highschool I hated numbers
that's why I'm studying law. I remember one day me and my friends Went through my bag and found the craziest stuff, We laughed, my bag seemed like a trash can , We even found a sock. Without a doubt, I would live that stage of my life again

lunes, 13 de septiembre de 2010

Hello friends.
 In this blog I'm going to post my level 4 work. So, let me introduce myself.
 I hope you like it.
My name is Daniel Herrera, I am 18 years old,
I study law at Urbe.
I am from maracaibo, I like to speak other lenguages.
I love listening to music, dancing and going out with my friends.
I speak italian, and someday I will go to italy.

 My goals are to graduate from university, 
so I can be a good lawyer and 
travel around the world too

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Have fun